10 Best Soccer Matches of the Last Decade


Every football season is very exciting as you can watch so many incredible matches with unbelievable results, emotions, situations, records, etc. This article is dedicated to the most memorable matches that happened during the last decade. 

10. Arsenal vs Manchester United: 2 – 8

It’s hard to believe that Arsenal was able to lose with such a shameful score. The truth is that Arsenal wasn’t really successful at that time because its players were not so good, however, such a score was achieved mostly because of the talented and professional team of Manchester United. That match showed all the incredible skills of Wayne Rooney and Nani.

9. Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg: 5 – 1

This score sounds pretty normal if you think about how good Bayern Munich is, but it’s impossible not to mention it because of the uniqueness of that match.

Wolfsburg was leading with a 1 – 0 score but when the second halftime was started, Robert Lewandowski turned impossible things into reality. He came out of the bench and scored 5 goals! Can you imagine how one person is making 5 goals during one halftime saving his team? But that’s not it, the most impressive thing is that Robert scored those goals in the space of 9 minutes! We highly recommend you to watch it because it’s doubtful that such a situation will ever happen again.

8. The Netherlands vs Spain: 5 – 1

It was the World Cup in 2014 when everyone was almost sure that Spain would be the winner, as its team already won 3 international tournaments in a row, and Spanish players were showing unattainable skills. But at the beginning of the World Cup, the Dutch team destroyed the Spanish one with an impressive score. Besides, Robin van Persie scored one of the most unforgettable goals of the decade in that match.

7. Tottenham vs Ajax: 3 – 2

That football match made all Tottenham fans feel stress and then, finally, they achieved relief and happiness. Ajax was leading with a 2 – 0 score, and it looked like it was it for Tottenham.

But Lucas Moura changed the situation by scoring 2 goals in the space of 4 minutes at the beginning of the second halftime. None of these teams were fine with the result, so they were competing really hard. And Moura proved that he was the star of the match: he scored one more goal in the last seconds of that match, so his team got to the Champions League final for the first time.

6. Chelsea vs Bayern Munich: 1 – 1

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Chelsea is not the best football team right now, but the way its footballers played earlier was really amazing. This team won the Champions League in 2012 and it proved that all Chelsea players and their manager Roberto Di Matteo deserved that. It was a tough match between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, as the score was 1 – 1, but after the penalty series, Chelsea became the winner.

5. Chelsea vs Tottenham: 2 – 2

That match was incredibly important for Tottenham as the team needed to win to get enough scores and catch up with Leicester City on the table. Everything was going right as Tottenham was winning with 2 goals but suddenly at the end of the match, Chelsea scored 2 goals. Chelsea didn’t really care about that match as it was located towards a 10th place anyway, but its playing really affected the fact who became the winner of the tournament. It’s been 3 years since that situation but it is still hard to believe that Leicester City won the Premier League.

4. QPR vs Manchester City: 2 – 3

Manchester City is really famous for its victories considered as the last kicks of the seasons. That time this team was playing with QPR in the finals hoping to win the Premier League. The score was 1 – 1 until Manchester City made 2 goals during the stoppage time. Manchester City won some tournaments and many important matches after because of its talent and luck but that match was the beginning of the team’s success.

3. Barcelona vs PSG: 6 – 1

This was the most unexpected result in the 2016 – 2017 season, as no one could believe that Barcelona would be able to win with such a score. What makes this story even more exciting is the fact that PSG actually won 4 – 0 in the first leg, so it was almost obvious that this team would get into the Champions League.

However, Barcelona shocked everyone when the second match between the teams happened. Barcelona was winning with a 3 – 0 score which wasn’t enough to beat PSG in the overall fight though, especially when PSG scored a goal making the 3 – 1 situation. It was only 30 minutes left and Barcelona needed to make at least 3 goals more which was almost impossible. But the end of the match was fabulous, as Neymar scored 2 goals: one of them happened in the 88th minute, and the other one was because of the penalty in the stoppage time. It was indescribable but Barcelona still needed to make one more goal to become the winner and get to the Champions League. And you know what? It became real! Sergi Roberto scored one more wonderful goal in the last seconds of the match. Those emotions were breathtaking for players, managers, and fans of Barcelona.

2. Liverpool vs Barcelona: 4:0

This match actually wasn’t so lucky for Barcelona. The situation was really similar to the one that PSG experienced (which was mentioned in the previous point). So Barcelona won the first leg with a 3 – 0 score, so everyone understood that Liverpool wouldn’t make it, as scoring 4 goals in the next match against Barcelona was something unreal.

Liverpool was winning with the 1 – 0 score and the game was really intense. But Georginio Wijnaldum made everything very exciting when he scored 2 goals during the second halftime. One goal from Barcelona or Liverpool would affect the destiny of teams in that tournament. And Liverpool made it as Divock Origi scored the goal. As a result, Liverpool beat Tottenham in the final and won the first Premier League title in 30 years, making all the fans proud and happy.

1. Germany vs Brazil: 7 – 1

Even those people who are not fond of football will understand how weird and unexpected this score is. The Brazilian team is very talented and professional, so the team was expecting to win the World Cup for the 6th time.

But during the semi-finals, Germany changed the plans for Brazil. Joachim Low prepared his players really well, as Germany was leading with a 5 – 0 score after the first halftime. People were shocked as no one thought that Brazil could be defeated like this. The second halftime allowed Germany to score 2 more goals, while Oscar from Brazil made only one goal. Germany got one more record during that night: its football player Miroslav Klose became the top scorer in the history of the World Cup.

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