10 Fitness Truths I’ve Learned After Teaching for 25 Years


To honor my 25th year in the industry, there are 25 truths I have learnt about fitness. While most of them are things I have learned teaching the class, for however many years I have been an active member. Many of these lessons are valid whether you are an instructor or a participant. And these are generally positive rules that can also extend in the exercise field. They’re not in a particular order here. 

It’s bigger than fitness

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It is more important than “transforming” bodies. (Transform to quotes because you are not a transformer though it’s a widely-used business term; your body requires no transformation). It is larger than the number of followers, features or money you have. This are the lives and wellbeing of people with whom we work. The wellbeing of society, the strength of a nation and even the life of generations are always influenced by our role. SO is much greater than “just” fitness. 

Take care of your body

All the rights belong to the original creator of the content

It’s part of your work if you’re in this business. It’s also part of your job if you have a body. This means keep your balance, eat well, sleep proper, concentrate on healing, mental health, rest days, rest time off and all that adds to your health. (Of course, look at all these activities as an overarching, big-picture target, rather than having to reach excellence in each area all day everyday.) 

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