10 Most Aggressive Fights in the History of Baseball


Nowadays, almost all baseball fights don’t lead to anything serious and aggressive, although several cruel situations happen during every season. One of the recent fights is the fight between Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres; it looked like a massive brawl. It started after the situation when Manuel Margot who is playing for San Diego Padres was hit in the ribs. Luis Perdomo decided to take revenge, so he threw the ball at Nolan Arenado. Those actions initiated the fight where almost every player was participating.

Another recent crawl happened between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox when Tyler Austin spiked Brock Holt. Joe Kelly avenged Austin later though. 

Even if the last years are not full of fights, baseball still can be considered as one of the most aggressive sports because of many situations that happened during the games before. We recalled the most violent and memorable fights in baseball history.

10. The massive fight between Mariners and Orioles in 1993

Michael Mussina who was playing for Baltimore Orioles hit his opponent Bill Haselman once during the throw. Bill became extremely mad and he ran right to Michael as fast as he could starting the fight. Other players from both teams couldn’t just look, so they stepped in. It was really difficult to stop that massive fight, as more and more people felt like they needed to participate.

9. Hot-tempered Campy and his reaction in 1972

It’s a pretty common thing when players punch each other during the baseball games. But throwing a bat at someone sounds pretty unusual, right? But this is what happened in 1972 during the match between the Tigers and the A’S: Lerrin Lagrow was throwing the ball and he hit it to Campy’s leg, as a result of which Campy fell to the ground. He became really angry and threw his bat into Lagrow. Lerrin was lucky, so the bat didn’t hit him, however, just imagine what an injury he could get. It was not so easy for referees to calm Campy down.

8. Michael Barrett punched A.J. Pierzynski after their crash in 2006

Anthony John Pierzynski wasn’t the most respected and calm baseball player, but he didn’t deserve to get punched during the game between Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. Here is what happened: Michael Barrett and Anthony John Pierzynski crashed, as a result of which Michael lost control and punched his opponent. That punch looked pretty painful, to be honest.  

7. The massive fight after Zack Grenkie got hit in 2013

There was a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks when Zack Grenkie got hit by his opponent while the sportsman was throwing the ball. Zack reacted pretty calmly although that hit looked serious. However, the other players decided to take revenge so they initiated the fight that became really massive as almost every player participated in it. The famous commentator Vin Scully made the situation even more memorable because of the funny things that he was saying during that situation. 

6. Crazy behavior of Martinez, Zimmer, Clemens, and Ramirez in 2003

That aggressive match between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is unforgettable. Martinez, Clemens, Zimmer, and Ramirez acted violently trying to hit each other and taking revenge all the time which led to some brawls. However, Ramirez made the worst thing: he threw a 72-year-old man to the ground which is probably unforgivable.

5. Rougned Odor showed that he could be a great boxer in 2016

Rougned Odor punched his opponent during the game between Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers. Of course, such situations happened before as well but that punch is still unforgettable as it was made ideally, just like in the boxing ring.

4. The massive fight after Tino Martinez got hit in the back in 1998

Martinez got a painful back injury when he got hit by his opponent from Baltimore Orioles. He couldn’t do anything, however, his teammates decided to step in, so the serious brawl was created.

3. The weirdest brawl happened during the match between the Braves and Padres in 1984

A crazy match happened between the San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves in 1984. One player accidentally hit the other one, as a result of which all players decided to step in which is a common situation. But the thing is that all players who were sitting on the bench and even fans came to the field. That fight was really long and aggressive, so it is known as the weirdest brawl in the MLB. 15 ejections were made and many fans were taken by the police.

2. The massive fight between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox in 1973

The match between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in 1973 became really famous. During that game, Bill Lee got body-slammed by Graig Nettles, as a result of which all players started the massive fight. That game became legendary as it was very surprising for the audience to see such things at that time.

1. Robin Ventura was punched several times for nothing in 1983

Robin Ventura was a very talented baseball player but he became famous mostly because of the fight in 1983. Nolan Ryan hit Robin during the ball throw and Ventura couldn’t stay calm, so he ran to Nolan to beat him. However, he couldn’t do it, as Nolan Ryan grabbed Ventura and punched him several times. Many players started the fight on the field and every time when it looked like the brawl was over, it started again.

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