10 Most Ridiculous Fights in the History of Football


Everyone who is watching football matches regularly knows that sometimes football players can do almost everything to score the goal. It can happen by accident or on purpose but it is the fact that football is a really aggressive sport.

Fights can occur between the players, the audience, or the managers; it happens all the time so no one is really shocked anymore. However, we made a list of the 10 most memorable fights in football history that happened during the last 10 years.

10. Racist and violent behavior of England and Serbia during the U21 match

This is one of the most memorable situations that happened in the last decade in the football world. Serbian and English U21 teams were playing against each other but that match became really mean when Serbian fans showed their racist attitude as they started to shout many offensive words against black football players. Danny Rose was one of those guys who became really mad because of the fans. At the end of the match, English player Connor Wickham scored a beautiful goal letting his team win. The referee blew the whistle and Danny Rose decided to gesture to the audience as he was really offended. Danny got the red card and a huge fight between the players of 2 teams started. Serbian players were mad because they lost and because of the anger of their opponents.

9. The fight between the teammates Fuller and Griffin

That moment didn’t look too cruel but it is unique as it was the brawl not between the opponents but between the teammates. Andy Griffin and Ricardo Fuller were playing for the same team but it didn’t look like they supported each other. Their team was losing and Fuller decided to slap Griffin but the referee stopped them. However, later Fuller said that Griffin should be blamed for everything. After that stupid emotional behavior, Fuller was suspended for 3 games and paid a $45000 fine.

8. The massive fight with 22 cards between Nacional and Penarol

Nacional and Penarol are the most famous teams in Uruguay. The players of both teams are known as really hot-tempered and emotional ones. They have been developing football in South America for all this time. But 1990 was the year when the most violent  situation happened between those teams. Nacional and Penarol were fighting on the field trying to make a goal but the score was 0 – 0. Football players were too emotional, so many fights were happening, some of them were really massive. As a result, the referee showed 22 cards, can you imagine? He needed to stop the game when it was the 85th minute, as he couldn’t control it.

7. Six Sheffield United players remaining in the match

Everyone who watched that match in 2002 probably still can remember it as it was really unforgettable. Sheffield United was playing against West Bromwich Albion and that match was really tough and aggressive. At the end of the game, Sheffield United had only 6 players because 3 players got red cards while 2 players were seriously injured. The referee stopped the match giving the automatic 3 – 0 victory to West Bromwich Albion because there is a rule in football stating that not less than 7 players should present the team on the field.

6. Hot-tempered players and the massive fight between Potiguar and Baraunas

The football player from Potiguar scored a beautiful goal and became really excited about it. He was jumping, laughing, and celebrating. Baraunas players became really angry, so they ran into him and punched him. Potiguar players became mad as well, so the massive fight with different karate skills started. As a result, both teams ended up with 7 players, as others got red cards. Potiguar won that match but the mood was definitely spoiled.

5. The confrontation between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer

Usually, footballers are trying to leave all of their grudges and anger and deal with them after the match. But Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer didn’t care that they could lose energy and strength during the emotional confrontation. Both of them were playing for Newcastle United and during the match against Aston Villa, in front of 50000 people, Kieron and Lee started the argument. Lee was really offended by the fact that Dyer did not make a pass to him. Gareth Barry came to them trying to calm both men down, however, it didn’t help.

4. The unexpected fight between the teammates David Batty and Graham Le Saux

Here is one more fight between the teammates but it happened in 1995 making many fans surprised. Blackburn Rovers team was playing against Spartak in the UEFA Champions League. After 5 minutes from the beginning of the match, David Batty got mad as his teammate Graham Le Saux took the ball into the possession. He decided to hit Graham but then Le Saux became angry as well so he punched David a few times.

3. The beginning of the rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal

Every football fan knows about the rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United but not so many of them know why and when it started. But here is the answer: their serious fight occurred in October of 1990. Arsenal scored a goal and Manchester United footballers became really upset and angry. So later when 2 players were fighting on the field trying to get the ball more players came and stepped in initiating the fight. Players hit each other several times, as a result of which the referee punished some of them. By the way, Arsenal won the League in that season.

2. Another serious fight between Manchester United and Arsenal

No one was surprised to see the crazy attitude between these 2 teams. Arsenal and Manchester United were trying hard as the winner of the match would also win the title. At the end of that match, Manchester United got a chance to use a penalty, so everyone was almost sure that the team would win. Ruud Van Nistelrooy made a shot but he rattled off the crossbar because Arsenal players surrounded him. Martin Keown jostled Ruud, while Ashley Cole and Ray Parlour decided to push Ruud several times. Yes, Arsenal finished the season without any losses. But that situation will always be remembered as the really cruel and unfair one. By the way, 5 Arsenal players including Giggs and Ronaldo were sanctioned after the match.

1. The fight between Teniente Farina and Libertad that suspended the whole match

Teniente Farina and Libertad are famous football teams from Paraguay and the matches between them have always been intense. But that match was the most memorable one because everything went really crazy. After some aggressive situations between the players, the referee showed red cards to 2 footballers. That could calm down the others but unexpected things happen: all players started to fight with each other. The referee together with the assistant understood they couldn’t do anything to stop it, so that match ended and 36 football players received marching orders.


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