5 Insane Things People are Doing to Lose Weight


Losing weight is a priority many people place on their New Year’s resolution list, but it is something many people struggle to concentrate on during the year. Many people suffer from weight loss and gain too many times they start doing strange things to try and lose weight.

Today we’re highlighting five of people’s most surprising things to lose it. Maybe that encourages you. Maybe this dissuades you from doing these things. No matter how you feel about these surprising things people do to lose weight, we’re sure it’ll be fun!

Injecting urine

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Listen we can’t do that stuff! That’s real! Some people inject their urine into their bloodstream. Since urine contains a hormone said to improve metabolism, people tried to use it to boost their weight loss goals. By the way, urine is poisonous, and you’ll suffer dire consequences if you want to inject urine as a weight-loss tool.

Hard Drugs

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Some people have chosen hard drugs to lose weight. This is among the riskiest ways to try to lose weight, and the hard selection drug is also heroin. Hard drugs selected by people seem to get them so high they forget to eat or don’t get hungry. If you live somewhere in the world, you should know for several reasons the effects of being a heroin addict.

Soaked cotton balls

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We can’t make that stuff! Yeah, a group of people swears this surprising way to lose weight. They soaked and drank cotton balls in the water. The reasoning behind this surprising weight-loss choice is that people believe it will trick their system into believing it’s complete, consuming less food. The issue is that the body is not made to eat cotton, so it ended up with some big stomach and intestinal problems.

Anorexic boot-camp

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In a society where body shame has become the foremost topic about how to be politically correct, anorexic boot camps have arisen around the world. These camps pride themselves on demonstrating that anorexia is just another way to lose weight” rather than convincing people that it’s detrimental to the body and is classified as an eating disorder.

There you have it the five most surprising things people do to lose weight. We understand weight-loss is a significant part of being happier and healthier, but please use some basic logic when indulging in surprising weight-loss ways. Often consult a doctor before trying to do some weight loss program.

Ipecac syrup

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Who heard bulimia? Well, this shocking thing people do to lose weight is identical. If you’re not able to put your finger down your throat but have emotional eating habits, some people have preferred to use ipecac syrup. This syrup will make you throw up, but note it will give you the same results and negative bulimia health effects.

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