5 NHL Games with the Highest Number of Scores


It is always exciting to watch the games with a high number of scores, as it means that such games are full of drive, motivation, and beautiful goals. However, if you ask hockey fans to name NHL games with the highest number of scores, they may give you two answers based on the total number of points or based on counting the differential between winning and losing scores. Both ways are actually reasonable, and we decided to present the article mentioning 5 NHL games that had the highest scores’ number.

1. Edmonton Oilers vs Chicago Blackhawks: 12 – 9 (1985).

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Edmonton Oilers and Chicago Blackhawks are the record holders when we talk about NHL high-scoring games. The players of the Edmonton Oilers were winning almost all matches at that time because of their skills and technique. Besides, Wayne Gretzky made a great impact on the success of his team, as he was considered as the best hockey player. He didn’t score any goals in that game against Chicago Blackhawks, however, he had 7 assists. The Oilers won the Stanley Cup in 1984 and then continued the success in 1985, 1986, and 1987. Thus, it is not surprising that this team got so many scores in that game, especially knowing that Chicago Blackhawks were quite impressive as well.

2. Winnipeg Jets vs Philadelphia Flyers: 9 – 8 (2011).

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The Winnipeg Jets’ first season in Winnipeg was absolutely standard, the team won 37 times, lost 35 times, and 10 times it played a draw. Even if these results are not very impressive, at least one hockey game was really incredible and high-scoring. Winnipeg Jets got 9 scores during that game, but the uniqueness of that record is that all 9 points were scored by different Jets players.

3. Edmonton Oilers Over Vancouver Canucks: 13 – 0 (1985).

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One month before that incredible life-changing game between the Edmonton Oilers and Chicago  Blackhawks, the Oilers made one more impressive record getting 13 scores during the game against the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks were doing everything they could but they couldn’t score even once. The Oilers’ players made impressive results, for example, David Lumley made a hat trick and 2 assists, while Wayne Gretzky had 4 assists which is really incredible.

4. Detroit Red Wings vs New York Rangers: 15 – 0 (1944).

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If you read more about Detroit Red Wings’ games, you will be surprised to see how many different extraordinary situations happened to this famous team. The Red Wings became the winner of the Stanley Cup in the 1942 – 1943 season and were really planning to succeed again in the 1943 – 1944 season. At the same time, New York Rangers didn’t have impressive results. For example, during that season the team won only 6 times, although it lost 39 times. So it was pretty expected that Detroit Red Wings would win without any problems, however, the final score is still breathtaking. Besides, the Red Wings scored 8 points in the 3rd period only.

5. Montreal Canadiens vs Quebec Bulldogs: 16 – 3 (1920).

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The Montreal Canadiens is not only one of the most famous hockey teams but it is also the oldest ones in the NHL. And this team is a holder of an amazing record of getting the highest number of points during one game. It was March of 1920 when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Quebec Bulldogs with a breathtaking 16 – 3 score. One January of 1920 the Canadiens continued their success in setting records as they made the highest number of goals scored by 2 teams in one game. They were playing against Toronto Saint Patricks at that time and the score was 14 – 7. Of course, many NHL rules and features have changed during the whole century but those records made by Montreal Canadiens are still impressive and unbreakable. By the way, if you are curious about several teams mentioned in this part of the article, as you have never heard about them, then here is the explanation: Toronto St. Pats made a rebranding and the name of this team is «Toronto Maple Leafs» now (pretty famous, right?), however, Quebec Bulldogs were eliminated several years after this record was set.

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