Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms


Many TV providers sell access to the best channels broadcasting live sports events. It’s a complicated task to find a streaming solution for sports free of charge. Anyway, such attractive sports streaming platforms exist and we’ll describe how to find and use them.

ESPN Sports

You certainly know ESPN as one of the most popular cables and satellite providers of sports content. Enjoy many different sports on the ESPN website including MMA, football, hockey, etc. We must warn that free watching is available not for all sports and even not for all competitions. The reasons why are limited rights for broadcasting and official paid subscription to log in required for some translations.

Facebook Watch

Use your Facebook account for a pleasant MLB game weekly on Facebook Watch. MLB and Facebook have signed a contract recently for broadcasting one regular-season game per week. Facebook isn’t a leader in streaming but if you try, you’ll find unofficial streams of many sports. The IT giant has just stepped on the new path, so no doubt in nearest future more official streams will be waiting for Facebook users.


Austrian streaming service provides international users with an English version of Laola1 website. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching streams from the U.S. or Russia, you have access to many game sports translations. National and global competitions are available on the sports streaming platform.


Reddit has a fame of a website that allows anyone to found a theme community. Sport is not an exclusion, and Reddit holds many communities devoted to both games and individual kinds of sports. Here you’ll find links to broadcasts of almost all professional sports tournaments. Be careful, these links are from different streaming resources found by Reddit’s users, so they may include bad and dangerous links. Anyway, admins of communities check the links and usually give you a verified option.


Streams from many Internet sources are being united in one place which is Stream2Watch. This sports streaming platform offers all popular sports translations, so if you’re a fan of football, hockey, or tennis, you’ll most likely find an appropriate stream. But don’t forget that it’s a free site and be ready to face annoying ads. Fortunately, a good ad blocker may fix this issue.


SprotRAR.TV is another source that collects streams from many different sites. Well-sorted streams and friendly interface allows a new user to find what he searches for in a few clicks. Since you found a proper match, click it and you’ll be sent to a new window. Problems with stream quality happen but you can easily find other link options. Perhaps, you won’t avoid ads even with an ad blocker turned on.


One more guy that steals streaming links from other resources and offers them to you with pop up ads. All popular game sports are represented on this site, so you won’t suffer from long surfing the Bosscast. One thing you may not like is the required Flash for watching videos. Install it once and enjoy streams forever.


Did you look for a sports streaming platform that contains streams of Cricket games? Well, congratulations, you found it. In fact, Cricfree is a place where you’ll find not only cricket games’ streams but also football, baseball and so on. The only reason to be careful with it is the same issue as the previous sites have, bothersome ads.

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