FIFA 20: Complete Beginners’ Guide


Still didn’t play FIFA 20? Learn more about the latest released play modes and learn how to play like a pro one of the most purchased soccer games ever.

FIFA 20 represents the huge version of the prominent EA Sports football simulator and creates numerous game modes for the gamer’s enjoyment.

FIFA 20: Complete Beginners' Guide
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Newbies in FIFA 20 can be confused with the mode scopes, but this complete guide FIFA 20 for newcomers, it helps to know everything you need to get started.


1. FIFA 20 Controls

2. FIFA 20 Game Modes

3. Kick-Off

4. Career Mode

5. FIFA Ultimate Team

6. Volta Football

7. Champions League and Tournaments

8. Pro Clubs

1. Main Controls

FIFA 20: Complete Beginners' Guide
Sportspotters | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

It’s simple to grasp how the basic controls on FIFA 20 are based. Use the default layout when you attack; X – short pass; Circle – shoot; Square – long pass; Y – through ball on PS4. If you play on Xbox, A – short pass; B – shoot; X – long pass; Y – through ball. Only these four options help to score and get the victory in matches of low difficulty levels opposite computer-controlled rivals.

For defending, you can use four basic control selections: X or A – contain, Circle or B – stand tackle, Square or X – slide tackle, L1 and LB or right stick – switch Player. The most important aspects of the game in defending positions are tackling and switching players. These tips will help you to win also on high levels of difficulty and stop a lot of goals in online games.

The section «Controller Settings» in the main menu contains a full list of players’ abilities. You can pause the game and see it in Settings also. Use it for switching between button layouts

«Classic» or «Alternate». It depends on your preferences of the shoot button as Square or X if you have tried to play eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer.

You need to play all of the Skill Games if you want to grasp how the controls in FIFA 20 are used. You will comprehend gameplay features: how to Move, to Shoot, to Dribble, to Cross, to Stand Tackle, to Slide Tackle and Ground Pass. Skill Games will instruct you on how to use these features with special guides.

2. FIFA 20 Modes

FIFA 20: Complete Beginners' Guide
Sportspotters | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

There are a lot of opportunities for how to play FIFA 20. You can find all these possibilities in the Main Menu. To shift between the titles, use the directional buttons and left analog stick.

The feature of Kick Off mode is that you can use two teams on your preferences. The mode includes other options as House Rules games, Volta Football friendly tournaments, Tournaments Finales, and Cup Finales with the Champions League.

The most popular offline mode FIFA 20 is Career Mode. It allows the gamer to have a Manager Career and Player Career. The Player is unhampered to take control of a club and operate the matches. You can develop your skills and abilities, earn transfers, and international Call-Ups.

One more huge part of the FIFA 20 is the FIFA Ultimate Team. Players can build their own XI, gather gamers from various nations, clubs, leagues in one squad. Players are waiting for you in packs from the Store or in the transfer market.

The major addition for the project is Volta Football mode instead of the Journey storyline mode. It’s the same as the FIFA Street series dates over the 2005 to 2012 period.

3. Kick-Off Mode

FIFA 20: Complete Beginners' Guide
Sportspotters | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Players who want to start quickly will appreciate this mode. This mode includes the Classic Match option of the available game with the unique option of additional time and penalties in case the game ends in a draw. The Player can choose two different teams all around the world, international and also women teams.

Other types of single small-sided games are available in Volta Football mode, one-off Cup Finales, Best Of series, or two-legged Home & Away. The champion is the first Player with a fixed amount of victories.

Different games of House Rules are similar to the usual Kick-Off match, but with some gripping peculiarities. Here some House Rules options: Long Range option, Survival option, Headers & Volleys option, First To option, No Rules option, Swaps option, King of the Hill, and Mystery Ball option.

When every goal is scored from outside the box count and reckons as 2 goals it means Long Range. It’s clear that whenever the Team gives away, they lose the gamer from the starting XI.

Headers and Volleys rate as goals only headers, volleys, penalties, and free-kicks. Other options reject.

With First To option, the Player can put goals for all teams to score. The Player wins if he takes this target quickly. There are no fouls; there are no rules and also no cards and offsides.

The new mode in FIFA 20 is Swaps. Two team exchanges with a small number of players from both sides. The players dressed up in breastplates under their T-shirts and have high stamina than other members of the Team. Three players change randomly, so the gamer can change his regular Player and get the star striker.

Another new FIFA 20 mode is the King of the Hill. This mode lets the player charger his goal multiplier. You should hold the ball inside a special rectangle for some seconds and then boost the multiplier. One goal became two or three. You need to recharge this ability every time, just return, keeping the ball into a designated rectangle.

The third House Rule game in FIFA 20 is the Mystery Ball. Throughout the match, the Player receives bonuses by chance. It may be a goal multiplayer where goals increase to two or three. Other bonuses include upgrades of speed, passing, dribbling, and shooting.

4. FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20: Complete Beginners' Guide
Sportspotters | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

This mode consists of two choices; they are Manager Career mode and Player Career mode.

The Manager Career mode lets players manage game clubs, control youth development, choose scouts, and take responsibility for tournaments. Before the match starts, the Player can chose lineup and play or chose the plane match FIFA 20. The differences between FIFA 20 and FIFA 19 are that the scheme of the game and press conferences were improved, the Champions League and Europa League received new animation.

In the Player Career mode, gamer can control only one Player or create a professional player. This mode allows you to develop skills, goes up from the lower league teams, plays as a part of the clubs and national teams. In the twilight of the career, the gamer can succeed as a manager in the Manager Career mode.

The Career Mode allows the Player to upgrade his skills and get the rating up. After the gamer develops into a superstar, he can sign in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

5. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

FIFA Ultimate Team
Sportspotters | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Among players, the most popular section of FIFA 20 is FIFA Ultimate Team. The gamer can create his own Ultimate Team consisting of various players, choose country and league, and prominent players as Pele or Diego Maradona.

At the beginning of the game, the newcomer has a team with bronze players with a rate of under 64. From match to match, you will earn coins by selling players on the Transfer Market and accomplishing missions to buy special bonuses and talents. In the Store, the gamer can buy special packs with new players. It can be in-game currency or real purchase.

During the year, the company provides new players for FIFA 20. It can be a holiday event like FUTmas at Christmas, or in-game events like Team of the Week. Find these players the gamer can in special packs or on the transfer market. Another way to get the Player is SBCs or Weekly Objectives events.

Squad Building Challenges represent quests of changing 11 players for bonuses and upgrades, such as Player of the Month cards. Weekly Objectives represent specific tasks with rewards (to score a fixed number of goals to get a kit.

FIFA Ultimate Team is notable for offline and online modes. Squad Battles is the staple offline mode, which includes 40 random teams, the Team of the Week, and Celebrity Squad. At the end of the week, the gamer can change his Squad Battles points to special packs and coins.

Weekend League and Divisions Rivals the main online mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. Divisions Rivals are Squad Battles, but the gamer can also play an unlimited number of matches to collect trophies. From Friday, you can participate in FUT Champions if you have enough points. It lasts only one day. You can play thirty online matches which give you rewards. One of them is Team of the Week players.

The FUT Draft is available both in offline and online mode. This mode is an exciting chance to build a team with prominent players. You can create a team position according to the special cards in the game (ICONs and Team of the Year players).

6. Volta Football Story Mode

Volta Football is a new update for FIFA 20 project. Volta Football Story Mode allows players to participate in matches across the globe. You can play 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 matches. The location can be indoor, outdoor arenas and special playgrounds. With classical game mechanics, developers desire to resurrect the old FIFA 20 Street. But they don’t forget to add a high number of abilities and stunts.

Yes, Kick-Off mode allows us to play individual Volta Football tournaments, but Story Mode lets to experience the features of Volta Football completely. From non-professional players to pros through collecting the rating, upgrading skills, and match wins.

7. Champions League and Tournaments

Champions League was established in FIFA 19 and was updated since that time. It’s a part of Career Mode, but you can play as individual tournaments and chose the Team from Europe on your preferences. Chose the league (it can be Huddersfield Town or Paris Saint-Germain) and prove the advantage of this Team.

Licensed tournaments also can be available in individual tournaments (the Europa League, Copa Sudamericana, and domestic DFB-Pokal as an example). Play only a Cup Finale or the whole tournament. Official music and awards will be waiting for you.

8. Pro Clubs Mode

Pro Clubs mode represents the game between 11 real players from both sides. The gamer can choose his name and look. In the beginning, players have basic skills that can be developed by playing games with Pro Clubs.

You can play drop in-games with random gamers or play with clubs. If the number of players is less than eleven, their positions fill with artificial intelligence. It means that you can open the Pro Club only with two players in the Team.


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