Hottest N.B.A. Wives and Girlfriends Ever


When these notable N.B.A. players wanted to share their lives with others, they didn’t stick for average. We found women who are smart and pleasant to be around. But they’re also unique! So, in the history of basketball, check out the hottest N.B.A. wives and girlfriends. To put it lightly, they’re a real slam dunk. 

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J. J. Barea and Viviana Ortiz 

Leave it to Dallas Mavericks, J. to marry  Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011. In 2016, the pair tied the knot and it’s been a dreamy romance since then. In March 2016, they had a boy as well. And if you ask someone, it is evident that Ortiz’s charm is a force to reckon with. 

All the rights belong to the original creator of the content

Gordon Hayward And Robyn Hayward 

Some of the hottest N.B.A. girlfriends and wives are super athletic as well. Just ask Gordon Hayward, the Boston Celtics star who married his partner, Robyn Van Vliet, in 2014. She still knows a lot about sports. She was ranked the No. 4 volleyball player in Indiana and led her high school to a state championship. 

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