Top 5 Arm Workouts to Develop Serious Strength


Get prepared to strengthen the upper body through the 20-minute arm training video directed by the creators of One Body LA, LaToya Johnson, and Julius White. You don’t need any supplies for that exercise, just a mat or towel to get some floor covering.

Besides the Sweat With the SELF video below, you can also continue reading the workout directions, a list of moves and GIF demonstrations for each exercise. This comes in handy if you want to get a glimpse into what the arms training video means, want more guidance, or just love the routine, so much that you want to do that later again.

So, if you are wanting to develop push-up strength, want to spend more time carrying food, picking up your kid, and just want to move and groove after all day at your desk, we strongly recommend this training.

Chest Opener

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  • Begin to bow down, keep your upper body straight and engage your core.
  • Raise your arms to open wide and shine your chest forwards. Hold for a beat, and then move both arms forwards again, crossing your right arm all the way across your chest. Hinge the left arm at the shoulder, cradle the right arm and add light pressure to experience a stretch.
  • Open your arms again wide, and repeat on the other hand, swing your left arm over your stomach, and bend your right arm on the elbow to grab your left arm.

Arm Circles

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  • Stand apart with foot hip-width or kneeling as seen above. Extend the arms to the height of the hip to parallel the surface.
  • Circle the arms with control, slowly increasing the circles bigger. You should begin feeling a stretch in your triceps.
  • Continue for the prescribed time and turn your circles around in the opposite direction.

Downward Dog to Plank

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  • Start in dog downward with your hands apart with the shoulder width, butt up to and towards the ceiling, straight legs, stretched sides, smooth backs, and head between your arms.
  • Shift your weight into a panel by straight-line your hips to the rest of your body and hold your shoulders over your wrists directly. Hold on, and then drive Downward Dog once again. Repeat.

Plank Up-Down

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  • Start with your palms flat on the concrete, hands with the wide shoulder, elbows placed directly on top of your fingertips, legs stretched behind you and your heart and glutes positioned in. Place the hip-width of your feet apart.
  • Lower your left forearm and lower your right forearm. You should be on a forearm board now.
  • Place your left hand down on the floor and stretch out your arm to go back on the high plank with your right arm. That’s 1 rep.
  • Keep the hips as quiet as possible when you walk, so they don’t swing side by side.
  • Make it easier: expand your legs more.

In and Out Push-Up

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  • Proceed in a high plank, with your wrists directly below your elbows, hips and legs stretched out behind you.
  • Push your elbows together and drop your body to the floor. Push your hands through to straighten your arms and return to a high plate.
  • Take the left hand and put it to the left a few centimeters down. Take your right hand and put your right a few inches, so your palms are now broader than shoulder width.
  • Do another push-up, this time with the hands in the broader position.
  • Take your hands back to their starting spot. Do another push-up. Keep switching between the two push-up positions in this manner.
  • Make it easier: lower both positions onto your knees.
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